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Screen Printing and Other T-Shirt Services

Monkey In A Dryer MascotBy now, you probably have a pretty good idea of what type of products you want, so at this point you may be wondering what types of clothing and t-shirt services we offer, right? In short, we create your customized logos, lettering, and graphics using a number of different techniques. Everything is done on location in Hopkins, Minnesota, nothing we do is outsourced. That way my friends and I can have more control over the quality of each product you receive.

Basically, any technique you want us to use for your graphics, we can do. I’ll get into the specifics of our processes later, but for now, here are the services we offer:

T-Shirt Services Available for Groups

Your funds might be a little tight, and I get that. We certainly know what that’s like! That’s why we make it easy to get t-shirt printing for large groups. Whether it’s screen shirt prints or embroidery graphics for your kiddo’s class at school, your department at work, a sports team, or just a group of your friends, we offer group online ordering to simplify the buying process. Instead of collecting money from each individual in your group, we set up an online group store where each member can purchase individually. You can also crowdsource your t-shirt dye sublimation, printing, or embroidery order and have people pre-order shirts, hats, and other apparel so you don’t have to pay for the entire order yourself.

Apparel Customization Specialists with Years of Experience

Get your t-shirts, hoodies, totes, and other items personalized by people with a passion for what they do. I was drawn to the wonderful women who own and operate Monkey in a Dryer because of the high energy and passion they have for their craft. Over 15 years ago this was simply a part-time, small-scale t-shirt service operated from a basement. Now we are a full-blown operation, we have gotten bigger, better, and faster at customizing high-quality apparel. We can screen print up to 300 shirts per hour, but we don’t let speed substitute for quality. Each item is personalized with care and high attention to detail. That said, not only do we value speedy service and a quick turnaround rate, but the quality is also of utmost importance. The high amount of volume we produce means you get your products in just a few short days. We’ll even send a rush order for an extra fee—but sorry, I can’t do personal deliveries.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services. We are based in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, and proudly serve all of the Minneapolis/St Paul area and ship products to customers nationally and all over the world.

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