Custom Screen Printing

This is 100% Monkey Business

Clever, curious, agile and highly entertaining—that’s one way to describe Monkey In A Dryer. Another way is, outstanding, reliable, affordable and passionate Custom Screen Printer and Embroider. The thing is, we’re all of the above and more.

If you can wear it, share it and/or stare at it, chances are MIAD can print it, embroider it and essentially customize the heck out of it. Whether you need screen printing on T shirts, Hoodies or Bandanas, or Custom Embroidery on Sweatshirts, Polo’s or Hats, we have 1000’s of products available to choose from.

We do Monkey business around the country and across the road for individuals, teams, groups, companies, movements, bands, rebellions, causes, events and whatever you have in mind.

Get your Monkey on!


Expertly Evolved & Enjoyable

We are serious, highly trained, extremely experienced, supremely skilled pros who thoroughly enjoy what we do. Monkey In A Dryer started 15+ years ago as a “why not, it’ll be fun” experiment. Well, that experiment was a Kong-like success and fun absolutely remains an essential MIAD component.

Our Monkey Mission

Monkeys live in communities called troops. At Monkey in a Dryer, we are a troop that extends to our neighbors, our vendors, our partners and of course, our customers. All is better when done in community with integrity, honesty, concern for others and a killer backbeat. Our mission at MIAD is to do amazing work for a fair price and to be the best neighbor we can possibly be. Welcome to our troop. 

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Contact us today to learn more about our printing and embroidery services. We are located within the Waterbury Building in the historic arts district of Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota and proudly serve all of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and ship products to customers nationally and all over the world.