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Our Non-Profit Associations

As a local organization with humble beginnings, we are always looking for ways to get involved and give back to our community. One of the very best ways of doing this is by working with a variety of local non-profit associations. When it comes to these groups, there is usually a high demand for matching t-shirts and/or other custom printed apparel. Like most of us you have probably noticed that during special events non-profit members generally have custom printed apparel and that is where we come in! We are proud to offer a 10{84ba7e9c71791e34599fb20536ba4791a87d078775757a2ed960e5ef8dc31cba} discount for all non-profit groups. Currently we are working with a several groups which include:


You will notice that we work with a wide variety of organizations and in the future we only hope to keep expanding this growing number of associations that we work with. Providing discounted and affordable custom apparel is our way of giving back to our community and making an effort to support some great local non-profit associations.

Contact us today to learn more about our non-profit associations. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and proudly serve all of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and ship products to customers nationally and all over the world.

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