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Make Your Employees Feel Like Part of the Team With Custom Shirt Group Ordering

In the hustle and bustle of the everyday running of a business, it’s easy to lose tracks of things. Unfortunately, one of those things many of us forget in the pursuit of keeping everyone happy is our employees. Creating a warm community and sense of belonging has the power to keep our employees happy, and sad to say it, but many of us forget about this.

To a hardworking and dedicated employee, the feeling of being appreciated and like an integral member of a team can go a long way. When an employee feels appreciated and respected, they are more likely to want to help your business grow and succeed. By expressing your gratitude and going the extra mile to make your employees feel like they are a part of a community you will find an increase in workplace happiness.

So, how can I create this feeling of belonging and community?

Team Building Activities

Custom Shirt Group Ordering

Grab your entire staff and take them out on some fun team building activities. You will get to work with one another and grow closer as a result. Whether it is going rock climbing or trying zip lining right here in Minnesota, we know your employees will appreciate these fun company outings.


Make it Special With Custom Shirts

custom shirt group ordering

custom shirt group ordering

Why not really make this experience special and get every employee a custom printed company shirt? Oh, and did we mention we offer special custom shirt group ordering services to help keep this process as affordable and easy as possible?

Interested in getting custom shirts for your next outing? Check out our online group ordering services or contact us today to learn more.



Best Places to Promote Your Company This Summer With Custom Printed Apparel

Summer is in full swing and we are all out there doing what us Minnesotans are known for…making the best out of every minute of summer! With our seemingly never ending brutal winters, us Minnesotans live for summer, you know what  I am talking about, right? You know that feeling where you need to be outside enjoying ever single second of summer.

Summer is also a great time for businesses to get out there and interact with potential customers. Introducing yourself and your business is much easier when they are outside as opposed to hibernating and Netflixing at home.

Summer in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota offers so many opportunities to mingle and meet new customers. Here are just few places to get out with some custom printed apparel and showcase your business:

custom printed apparel

1. Summer Music Festivals

The music festival scene has EXPLODED here in our state in the past 10 years. From bluegrass to rock we have something for everyone. Whether you are a vendor at an upcoming music festival or just attending one, why not show off your business a little with some custom printed t shirts?

2. Craft shows, Farmers Markets, and Flea Markets

3. Movies and Music in the Park

Many parks right here in the heart of the Twin Cities, now offer free music and

movie in the parks for the public each week.

4. Parades, and City-Wide Celebrations custom printed apparel

5. Food Festivals

After all, the only thing us Minnesotans love more than summer is good food! Whether it is a food truck fair or the Minnesota State Fair, get out there with some custom printed shirts for giveaway or just sport one while you sample all that tasty eats.

6. Marathons and Races

They are more than just a bunch of people running. They are a celebration of fitness and human endurance. These events draw in thousands of participants and even more supporters and spectators. Maybe think about sponsoring one of these upcoming races with some

The list could really go on and on, as could the possibilities. So, get out there, enjoy the sun and the festivities and maybe even make a few new customers while doing so!

Go Big, Go Bold With Custom Embroidery

Custom embroidery services

Are you looking to make a bolder statement? Do you feel like custom screen printing just doesn’t quite do it for you? We get it, and we’ve got you covered! Here at Monkey in a Dryer we understand that all of our customers are unique. Meaning we know that each of our customers and every order placed is just as unique as our name! To help you take your custom apparel to the next level we offer custom embroidery services.

Embroidery is a simple, yet surprisingly effective means of conveying professionalism and class without breaking the bank. Yes, embroidery does cost a little more than screen printing, but the message portrayed is priceless. After all, you only get one chance at a first impression. Make sure that first impression is that of a polished professional.

With embroidery, your logo will POP out at your customers…I mean literally pop out! What makes embroidery so distinctive is that of your image being raised above the fabric. We create this tangible design by using up to eight different colors of thread to bring your logo to life. And for an even more detailed and life-like creation check out our 3-D embroidery option.

Custom embroidery services

Feel free to simply upload your predesigned logo directly to our website, or have a little fun with it. We have tons of possibilities with our online templates and design tools to let you explore and play with your creation. If you get stumped no problem, trust me as a monkey I get lacking in the art department! However, we have an entire art department full of talented, and computer savvy artist that are here to help you create a one of a kind design.

Want more information? Contact us today about our custom embroidery services or any other questions you may have.