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Keeping Screen Printing Pricing Affordable for Fundraising Events

Screen Printing Pricing

If you are planning a fundraiser you may be wondering about screen printing pricing to help spread the word through custom t-shirts. Custom shirts are an easy and effective way to help spread the word, as we all need to wear clothes, right? So, why not wear a custom shirt that will advertise your upcoming fundraiser. Not only can you help spread the word, but you can create a community for all of those involved. Something as simple as wearing matching shirts has the power to help build a sense of teamwork and belonging. Feeling like you are a part of something can help to further develop your passion for that cause.

Well, it’s more than just screen printing pricing that you have to consider when attempting to put on any sort of fundraiser, we get that! Because cost is always an issue we recommend to be creative in your fundraising. Staying ahead of the trends and stepping away from conventional fundraisers is a great way to get people interested. Offer something fresh and fun that people wouldn’t mind spending money on.

Here a few fun and creative ideas for your next fundraiser:

  • Instead of a simple pancake breakfast event, how about a painting party?
  • Replace boring chocolate bars with a more expensive, gourmet, organic or imported chocolates.
  • Family events with inflatables, petting zoos, and carnival games are sure to bring in the kids!
  • Pottery painting or cooking classes could be a fun night out!
  • Custom printed screen T-shirts are also an affordable and fun way to raise money. We specialize in bulk orders…the more you order the less you pay. A funky t-shirt is a great way to support a cause.

Make your upcoming fundraiser a memorable one, be creative and have fun! Part of a non-profit group? We are proud to give back to our community by offering a discount for non-profits, learn more here.

Screen Printing Pricing, How Much is That Going to Cost?

Screen Printing Pricing

Looking to for a fun way to get your name out there, or personalize your event? Custom screen printed t-shirts are both fun and affordable way of making a unique statement. However, you may find yourself wondering about screen printing pricing, asking yourself how much is that customized gear going to cost me? Well, we get that pricing can be of utmost concern, especially when you have a set budget. That is why we strive to give back to our community by offering a 10% discount for all non-profit groups. Yep, you heard right score 10% off as a non-profit.

Screen printed t-shirts are a great way to get your name out there, especially as a non-profit. Not a non-profit? No worries, check out our ten tips for saving money on your next screen printing order.

screen printing pricing

Yes, you can have a pen personalized, but a pen vs a t-shirt? There’s no competition…people LOVE free t-shirts and these custom shirts are a great way to get people to publicly sport your brand. For a relatively small investment, you can have your logo worn all over town… practically free advertising!

We get that money doesn’t grow on trees like bananas, and that you (like us) have a budget to maintain. We strive to help you, our valued customer, stay within that budget. By offering a huge selection of t-shirts in various price ranges, we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service and quality products. We never outsource our custom printing projects and only print in house. We also offer bulk pricing, meaning the more you order the more you save!

screen printing pricing

Our custom screen printing services are not only affordable but incredibly easy! Our online tools make t-shirt designing easy. You can keep your logo as simple as you like, or mix it up a bit by working with our talented team of designers. Want more information? Contact us today.