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Frequently Asked Questions

Monkey In A Dryer MascotIf you know exactly what you want and are looking for more detailed information about how your order is processed and shipped, or if you want all the details before you start, check out our FAQ categories. If you still have questions regarding the products and services available at Monkey in a Dryer Screen Printing, you can contact us directly.

Our Guarantee

What is your return policy and what is Monkey’s 100{84ba7e9c71791e34599fb20536ba4791a87d078775757a2ed960e5ef8dc31cba} Satisfaction Guarantee?

Customized goods are generally not accompanied by guarantees, but we are changing that! For all custom orders, you can review and approve artwork. In addition, the details of your order are completely explained to you in writing and approved by you. We won’t begin printing until you are 100{84ba7e9c71791e34599fb20536ba4791a87d078775757a2ed960e5ef8dc31cba} satisfied with the details of your order.

We deliver high-quality custom products that match the artwork or samples approved by each customer. If the custom products you receive do not meet your expectations, contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order. Please notify us immediately regarding any shortages or misprints. If there were manufacturing errors or the product differs materially from what the customer approved, we replace all flawed or defective merchandise. All returns will be reprinted, but no refunds are given. All reprints need to be approved by staff and returned to us at 5 Seventh Ave North Hopkins, MN. 55343.

According to Minnesota state laws, we are responsible for unclaimed items for up to six months, during which time we will repeatedly contact the customer, although it’s not required. If the customer fails to respond after that time, the items are deemed abandoned property. If garments are left at MIAD for longer than 6 months, we will dispose of them or donate them to a worthy cause.

Contact us today to get answers to any additional questions you have about our products or services. We are based in Hopkins, Minnesota, and proudly serve all of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and ship products to customers nationally and all over the world.

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