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Custom Apparel Trends for Yoga Merchandise in 2019

Custom Apparel Trends for Yoga Merchandise in 2019

After a relaxing yoga class, the last thing women and men want to do is pull on a pair of stiff jeans. This rings true for every fitness avenue—society is kicking corset-tight tops and belly-pinching pants to the curb, replacing their wardrobes and daytime wear with buttery soft athletic attire.


This is good news for you if you’re in the yoga or fitness business, as cozy merch is apt to fly off your shelves. And imagine the business and team comradery you can create with custom yoga and fitness apparel boasting your own business logo?


If you’re a certified wholesale partner for today’s top yoga apparel companies, it’s time to jazz up your stock with the best screen printing money can buy. Here are some brands that the yoga world will be flocking to in 2019—pay attention to these realms and opt for custom screen printing with Monkey in a Dryer.


Customize Lululemon’s Everything

In 1998, Lululemon sprouted out of the cold hills of Canada. And since its inception, the technical-athletic inspired apparel line has mushroomed its way into nearly every household that has uttered the word “Namaste.”


Lululemon is a steadfast brand trusted by the yoga world—and it’s not going anywhere. 2019 is looking like another tenacious year for Lululemon, and if your studio or fitness center is a certified wholesaler, customizing their gear with your logo is one of the smartest choices you’ll make.


We’re watching big comebacks with garments that are easy to throw on, like Lululemon’s Plush Times Jogger. Your business will look extra chic on the Free to Be Bra, and don’t forget your custom fitness t-shirts with options like the Men’s 5 Year Basic Tee.


For the Gals: Custom Screen Printing for Beyond Yoga Apparel


In the yoga world, comfort is king. And when you mix comfort with pretty patterns and modern styles that girls are lining up in droves for, you get Beyond Yoga.


Beyond Yoga is a “luxury athleisure brand designed to seamlessly transition from workout to night out.” From mesh inlay to gunmetal foil, Beyond Yoga takes average comfy yoga apparel and transforms it into fashionable, eye-catching pieces. We think they’re well on their way to a yoga takeover in 2019, and your logo will stand out on anything from this brand.


For a little extra flare, think about mixing things up by getting custom screen printing on Beyond Yoga’s So Slashed Leggings. Mix with the Down the Line Cropped Tank—the gals will be dying to get their hands on these.


Go Custom With Strongbody Apparel


A focus for yoga fanatics in 2019 will continue to be quality over quantity. There has been an increase in trends of spending more on long-lasting products rather than amassing three closets worth of gear that falls apart after a few washes. As such, enter Strongbody Apparel.


Strongbody Apparel stands for empowerment and the highest quality minimalist yoga and fitness apparel that money can buy. Women and men across the US and beyond are flocking in masses to this brand for not only its sturdy elements but its empowering, be-strong message. If you want to print custom gym apparel, Strongbodyis going to be a gamechanger that your fitness or yoga studio can get behind in 2019 with custom screen printing.


The Opportunities are Endless for Custom Screen Printing


Stocked up with a brand you adore and finally ready to level up with custom screen printing? Get ahead of the curve for 2019 yoga trends–Monkey in a Dryercan make customize yoga and fitness apparel with any brand you carry.







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