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custom dye sublimation t shirtsDye Sublimation for a Super-Smooth Look and Feel

It’s a technique called dye sublimation, and the people here at Monkey in a Dryer Screen Printing are the pros when it come to this method of printing. Although the screen printing services here are top-notch, that type of apparel might not be exactly what you are looking for. Unlike screen printing, dye sublimation basically becomes one with the fabric, leaving no noticeable texture on top of the product.

A very important note about our clothing and custom t-shirt dye sublimation services is that they only work on synthetic materials. This means that any custom apparel you order will have to be placed on polyester and/or synthetic blends.

Here is an example of how a dye sublimated printed graphic looks on a 100% polyester t shirt compared to a 50/50 cotton poly/blend t shirt.  The graphics on the 100% polyester shirt look crisp, bright and clean, while the 50/50 poly/cotton blend t-shirt gives a subtle more faded appearance, giving it a more vintage or retro look.


A Monkey’s Tour Behind the Scenes of Custom T-Shirt Dye Sublimation Services

So how does dye sublimation work exactly? I thought it was pure magic at first until I hung around the shop a little longer. The process starts when you send in your design. The technicians print the design onto transfer paper to go onto the clothing you want personalized. After that, a special heat transfer printing process converts the dye-based inks to gas form so they can seep into the fabric. The ink then sets and you have your customized item. Once your whole order is complete, we can send it anywhere, this includes international orders as well.

Here is one of my all time favorite projects for dye sublimated t shirts.  This is a series of cartoon illustrations hand drawn by a very nice human lady who passed away too early from Cancer.  Her lovely husband Kevin, a friend of MIAD, had her illustrations dye sublimated onto t shirts to honor his wife and  help raise money for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

Don’t have a design? Don’t worry, you can easily create one with our design service. If you want to make your own artwork, you can use one of our templates or take advantage of our clip art graphics. For those who don’t want to worry with creating a design, you can have one of our graphic artists do it for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our dye sublimation services. We are based in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, and proudly serve all of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and ship products to customers nationally and all over the world.

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