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Why Custom Printed T-Shirts?

Custom Printed t-shirts are great for tons of events and special occasions. Like what you ask? Well, I am here to give you an overview of just a few occasions where you will find custom t-shirts come in handy.


#1 Custom Printed School T-Shirts for Field Trips: There are not many things that are more exciting to a grade school kid like school field trip day, but in all that excitement young children can easily be distracted and become separated from their group. This can be very scary for both the lost child and frantic parent/chaperone alike. Make finding that lost monkey a little easier with matching and brightly colored group t-shirts with your school logo.

#2 Fundraisers and Non-Profits: Our screen printed shirts are great for fundraisers and non-profit groups. Selling custom printed t-shirts is a fantastic and efficient way to earn funds for your club, event, benefit or charity, oh and did we mention we give a 10% discount to non-profit groups?

#3 Family Reunions: As we get older our family reunions get bigger and bigger every year. And with each passing year, some naPenns Sunday Schoolmes and faces also start to blur. Matching t-shirts can help identify families with their first and last name, group families by color, or even by number.

#4 Vendor Booths on College Campuses: Due to their limited clothing budget many college kids will flock to a booth giving away any for free, especially free t-shirts. Custom printed t-shirts are great for such events as they are very reasonably priced and let’s be honest…everyone loves free stuff!

#5 Team T-Shirts: While this may be the most obvious use of a custom screen printed shirt, it’s still one of our top 5! An oldie but a goodie and a necessity when it comes to athletic and team apparel! As time has demonstrated, screen printing is one of the best ways to outfit both your little hitters and your adult leagues!

3D Embroidery Services – Literally Make Your Brand/Business Stand Out

3D embroidery services

Summer is upon us and so are the county fairs, festivals, races, and more. Setting up a vendor booth at these local summer events is a great way to get your company name out there and what better way to do that than with custom shirts printed with 3D raised embroidery .With thousands  in attendance, you have unlimited opportunities to introduce yourself, your company, your sporting team, etc. to new people. But the problem is that your booth is not the only one there. Your competitors are also present and bidding for the same audience and hoping to hold their attention. So what the heck do we do then to stand out? Well, the answer to is actually quite simple…just offer the better freebies, easy right?

Custom embroidery services

Event goers LOVE the freebies, but honestly who doesn’t love free stuff? So, what freebies can help set you a part of the competition who is probably handing out pens, notepads, lanyards, etc.? Custom printed Free hats, t-shirts, bags that sport your logo in 3D raised embroidery print, that’s what! Custom printed 3D embroidered items are  the “big fish” item in the vendor giveaway pool, ensuring that you will stand out. Having your logo on a baseball cap or nice canvas tote in beautiful raised puffy letters is sure to get you noticed, as your logo/lettering will literally stand out!

3D Embroidery Services

So, have you been convinced that you need some sweet swag with printed with 3D raised embroidery letters? Perfect, that was our goal. Now it’s time to order, contact us today to learn more or place your 3D embroidery swag.

Screen Printing Pricing, How Much is That Going to Cost?

Screen Printing Pricing

Looking to for a fun way to get your name out there, or personalize your event? Custom screen printed t-shirts are both fun and affordable way of making a unique statement. However, you may find yourself wondering about screen printing pricing, asking yourself how much is that customized gear going to cost me? Well, we get that pricing can be of utmost concern, especially when you have a set budget. That is why we strive to give back to our community by offering a 10% discount for all non-profit groups. Yep, you heard right score 10% off as a non-profit.

Screen printed t-shirts are a great way to get your name out there, especially as a non-profit. Not a non-profit? No worries, check out our ten tips for saving money on your next screen printing order.

screen printing pricing

Yes, you can have a pen personalized, but a pen vs a t-shirt? There’s no competition…people LOVE free t-shirts and these custom shirts are a great way to get people to publicly sport your brand. For a relatively small investment, you can have your logo worn all over town… practically free advertising!

We get that money doesn’t grow on trees like bananas, and that you (like us) have a budget to maintain. We strive to help you, our valued customer, stay within that budget. By offering a huge selection of t-shirts in various price ranges, we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service and quality products. We never outsource our custom printing projects and only print in house. We also offer bulk pricing, meaning the more you order the more you save!

screen printing pricing

Our custom screen printing services are not only affordable but incredibly easy! Our online tools make t-shirt designing easy. You can keep your logo as simple as you like, or mix it up a bit by working with our talented team of designers. Want more information? Contact us today.